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2020.04.11 Sustainability

Chugai Pharma Taiwan protects the coastline with the adoption of tree planting family day

Environmental protection has always been one of core values of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. It is also an important issue to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, of the United Nations in 2030, corporate growth, and the sustainable development of society. In recent years, the rise in sea levels due to climate change resulted in coastlines receding worldwide. On the other hand, the problem of air pollution has become more and more serious. PM2.5 particles can penetrate deeply into the lung, irritate and corrode the alveolar wall, and consequently impair lung function, which are very harmful to human health.

In view of this, Chugai Pharma Taiwan (CPT), in accordance with the CCC (Chugai Group Code of Conduct) global environmental protection standards, donated 1,000 tree planting funds to the Tse-Xin Organic Foundation this year. Furthermore, on 11th April 2020, CPT held a tree planting family activity at Zhongjiao Bay, located in Jinshan Dist. New Taipei City, in order to take real action contributing to the natural environment.

It was a sunny day. All CPT volunteers were split into groups and guided by teachers from Tse-Xin Organic Foundation to plant Coast Hibiscus. Evaluated by Tse-Xin Foundation, with strong characteristic against frequent wind, constant dry, and salty soil, Coast Hibiscus can benefit the coastal ecosystem for both avoiding extreme moisture and keeping the sand on the beach, making it the most suitable species to grow around the region. The activity began from digging the soil, spreading the fertilizer, putting the sapling into the hole, covering with soil, using Water-Storing Tree Planter to increase the survival rate, and finally ended up with watering the saplings. The whole process was not only planting the trees, but also protecting them from potential natural damage simultaneously, which make it such a fascinating and inspiring activity! With everyone’s collaboration, at the end of the day, 120 Coast Hibiscus seeding were successfully planted. While the smile was gradually spreading out on every member faces, the sense of mission of coastline maintenance had been sprouted within everyone’s mind.

In order to accomplish SDGs and make a better world, CPT constantly makes efforts to reduce air pollution. Through the adoption of tree planting activity, the quality of the air can be improved, more water can be stored in the soil, and coastline retreat can be slowed down, etc. Thereby, the environment and natural ecology will return flourished again.

As a sustainable corporation and citizens of the global village, CPT supports "creating a sustainable environment" with this tree planting activity, encourages employees always contributing to SDGs in daily life, and raises the public awareness of caring for the Earth protection.

YouTube《2020 CPT Tree Planting & Family Day (台灣中外製藥)》